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I have a son aged 14 now. When he was 10, he was having chronic issues of Nose Bleeding and Constipation. While we thought that its a very usual matter, it was not getting severe. We attempted the regular allopathic medicines for long and visited multiple doctors. We even tried the traditional Indian ways of the treatment for the ailment, to our frustration it was not getting cured. The child was suffering a lot and we are feeling helpless. It was then, we decided to introduce Homeopathy to him and consulted Dr. Neeta Kapoor for the same. She did a detailed case study and counselling for Hanshul and put him on a medicine course for 3 months. We were really delighted to observe the improvements it brought and in 6 months time Hanshul was cured. We really have felt and realised that for long term chronic ailments Homeopathy is the best solution.

Ms. MS