One of a kind

From the moment I stepped into Healthpoint Homeopathy clinic and was met by Neeta Kapoor, I knew I had found the person who would be able to help me with the skin problems I was dealing with. With her sweet smile and gentle eyes, she welcomed me into her office and that demeanour of hers has been so consistent all these three years I’ve been under her care for various other conditions.

Unlike the look of the ‘usual’ clinics I’ve been accustomed to, filled with the odours of dispensary, people coughing away in the waiting room and being pressured by nurses or counter staff asking a whole host of questions, I felt there was so much privacy in such a homeopathy set up. Being a highly-sensitive and private person myself, I find this style of treatment very suitable to my needs.

Neeta is focused, a great listener, possessing excellent bedside manners, which is more than anyone can ask for. And so, at my inaugural visit, as I went through the customary questionaire pertaining to my family background, upbringing etc as is the practice of homeopathy, I find myself sharing with her very comfortably and even experienced a special sense of peace and relief as one would receive from someone proficient in the skills of counselling. This wholistic approach which Neeta is able to offer is something I embrace as a logical and necessary means for any physical and emotional healing and for that, she achieved great wonders for my life. At every visit, I find Neeta not only calming but also reassuring in all her ways.

I feel very privileged to have met Neeta and have the highest respect and regard for her. Besides being introduced to a totally new way of self-recovery, I feel so blessed to have come into this discovery through such a wonderful physician as Neeta Kapoor.

Ms. Goh